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Protect Your Edges

Hello everyone

How are you doing today? I have encountered so many people since the launch of Alberlees Hair and Body regarding their edges. I must say that it is a joy and a pleasure to have that conversation with people because I can relate to what they are going through, and that is why the title today is

“Protect Your Edges”. Ladies and gentlemen we must always protect our edges. Most people want to use products that target thinning, but what is not realized is that wearing things that cause friction such as wigs, and some hairstyles that pull or require glue and freeze sprays will pull your edges if not take out correctly. Please understand that no matter what product you use when doing so, won’t work because of the constant rubbing and pulling and incorrect removal. How do I know about this? It is because I have been there myself. I like wearing lace fronts and have tried the different techniques of applying the lace fronts and back in the day I would use the glue to apply the weave tracks to my hair. But one thing I discovered is that I was allergic to latex and that is one reason my hair came out. The other is, trying to remove the glue was a job within itself and for today the technique with the freeze spray is just as bad because it pulls your edges. I noticed that when I would let my hair breath for about a month my edges would grow back and then disappear again when I didn’t do anything to protect them and reverted back to the wigs and other protective styles so now, I use caps when I wear lace-fronts to prevent the rubbing and friction on my edges. I no longer glue anything down on my hair because I want to be able to wash, condition, and treat my hair.

Don’t get me wrong there absolutely nothing wrong with wearing protective hairstyles. Just protect your edges.

Next, I want to talk about products. All products are not going to work on your hair. Everyone’s hair is different and require different methods and techniques. What works for one may not work for another, or it may take more of a product and longer time before seeing results.

So many times we see other testimonies about a product and want the same results. If you do this, keep in mind to please give your hair some time to adjust to the new product. Results will depend on your use of the product. Consider changing your shampoo and conditioners well. For a long time I was using a shampoo and conditioner that was drying out my hair which in turn caused my hair to break and not grow. Once I switched up and started using Alberlees Hair Moisturizer, and Hair Serum consistently, I saw results. I want to encourage you to be patient in your search for the correct products to use and at the same time would like for you to check out Alberlees products where we care for your hair and body in a natural way all products have been tested and are chemical and dye free.

Be blessed

Numbers 6:24-26

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