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Come Along And Walk With Me

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Greetings and Blessings to you,

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening or whatever time of day you may find yourself reading this. You are at the right place at the right time. How are you doing?

Welcome to Alberlees and thank you for taking the time to support my small business, I am honored. Many have questioned why Alberlees? Well, it comes from my late father’s name Albert Lee and with the inspiration from my daughter, Joy, the name Alberlees came to be. My son, James, created his own beard balm and with wanting to use all natural products, thus Alberlees the product came into existence. As Covid-19 came around and with this many stores began to close down, I found myself being very cautious about going out. Not having everything that I needed for my hair, I began to reflect on my journey with Breast Cancer from a few years back. As a result from chemo and numerous rounds of medication, I lost all of my hair. Now, with my hair growing back, I find that it has a different texture. No longer is it thick and course like before. I remember looking at survivors of cancer wondering, why, wearing wigs is our only solution. I needed something that was specifically designed to treat and address what my hair was going through. Through research I found that there are essential oils that are good for your hair and that there is a natural way to treat and grow your hair. Soon after Alberlees Hair Moisturizer was created. Through product testing we have reached amazing results. With this success there was still another area that I needed to address. My hair was now growing, however it was still thin and my edges weren’t filling in. Therefore once again I began to research essential oils that were good for alopecia, hair loss and thinning. Which brought about the Alberlees Hair Serum. I started using it and started seeing little hairs like flies always sticking out. I kept asking myself, why my hair was looking like this, not realizing that my hair was actually growing out. That’s when the happy dance started.

Many are looking for something natural, meaning- they no longer want to use anything that has chemicals or dyes in it. This too was my desire for Alberlees, is to create and design products that will have natural ingredients and will aid in an individual’s journey with their hair. There are so many of us who have cabinets full of hair products that are supposed to target and address the areas of our hair journey. Here’s my question to you, if there is a product that contains all the same ingredients of 5 different products for your hair care all in 1, would that not be amazing?

My goal for Alberlees, is to make it a household name with products designed to be chemical and dye free with all natural ingredients. This is not only for hair but also for skincare as well. Which is why you must try our latest product, Alberlees Body Butter. This product was inspired and created for my grandson who has extremely dry skin. When he takes a bath immediately after his skin becomes very dry and ashy. So, once again I started doing research on oils that are good for your skin. On this, I had to be extra careful because he has eczema as well. After testing the product on his skin and others with the same skin problem, the results were extraordinary. At this time I am currently working on a number of great products as well as continue to research essential oils for future use. I am so excited that there are so many products on the horizon coming to Alberlees. I invite you to come along and walk with me on this interesting and amazing journey, on which I am having so much fun. Please stay tuned because the best is yet to come. -Carol

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